of Clumsy Hearts and Stubborn Minds…

Things such as shy smiles and witty comebacks throw you off balance everytime you tripped over them. Every single time. Deep inside you know it will just be the same scene, a rerun you were bored of watching and conversations you were sick of having. It is actually nauseating.

Bandaids came in a form of beers and friends. One bruise simply leads to another. One mini heartbreak accelerates the next. It is hard to be someone who falls more quickly and easily, isn’t it? It is not like your heart is rational enough to follow when you command it to stop falling. It is like you have no choice at all. It’s that same moment when Olaf was always tripping on everything that was on its way down into the castle. Uncontrollable, so you stopped holding back and just let it be.

At some point, you wanted to stop because you think you deserve better but most of the time, your stubborn mind will make you believe that maybe it will eventually work out. Just maybe… A mind that’s always overestimating another person’s commitment and interest but later on, your judgment will end up off with your clumsy heart landing 50 feet below the ground.

For a while, you will lose hope but with hurt comes strength, and with that silver lining, here you are again standing up and falling once more. But the striking thing is, one day, you will stumble upon another clumsy heart and it will be a collision so wonderful and uncoordinated that it will make you realize all these scars have been worth it. So don’t be afraid and just keep feeling that way, keep picking yourself back up, all the while hoping and getting ready for that beautiful fall. On that day, you will still be like Olaf and the incredible thing is, he/she will be someone worth melting for

Warm hugs,



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