of Coffee, Chocolate and Comfort in a stranger’s eyes…

RainHave you had that moment when you’ve had enough of all the bullshits and you just want to be anywhere but home? Or else you’ll throw the first thing you’ll pick up to every person that comes your way… Yes, that’s exactly how I felt. It was Friday night, raining and I was mad. So mad to the point that I packed an all-nighter, brought two books with me, thinking I should be away even for the weekend just to clear up my mind and breathe fresh air. Without turning back, I left the door swinging and a tear fell because I know deep inside that I’m no good at this. Undecided on where to go & whom to call, I went to the nearest coffee shop that I could think of. The aroma in the store immediately embraced me it almost felt like Olaf giving me a warm hug.

I ordered my usual Caramel Macchiato and a slice of Belgian chocolate cake which I haven’t tried before. Unfortunately, I didn’t notice immediately that there were only three vacant seats at the moment, one beside a couple of teenagers studying, one on the far end of the room near the AC and one across a boy who seemed to be very much into his phone with his headphones on, playing god knows what. After I got my order, I decided to sit across this guy without even asking if the seat was vacant which was clearly not when he didn’t even mind glancing up, evidently not bothered with my presence at all which is a good thing. I put down my bag and took out a book which I decided to re-read. I read, drank my coffee and took a bite of the delicious Belgian cake from time to time. An hour passed, or so I thought, when I heard someone calling me or saying something directly to me. I glanced up and looked at the person across me and there you were, staring as if it’s the first time you noticed someone is actually occupying the seat across you and she’s grown two heads. If this is a plot in a book, I’d say this is where this story took a whole new dimension.

giphy (2)

We moved past introductions because I think it’s safe to say we both knew it was unnecessary. You initiated a chat which I immediately engaged into and so we talked and talked as if we knew each other since forever. We discovered we had our fair share of “something bad” which brought us together on the same place at almost the same time. For a moment there, I thought I was catching up with an old friend. For a good two hours, you made me forget why I was even there in the first place like it’s as if I just took a break to chill with a friend. If I hadn’t gotten a call, I wouldn’t have noticed the time on my phone that says 1:34AM. I needed to go home and..so were you. This was the time we’re forced to go back to the persons that we were before we enter the coffee shop earlier…strangers. Awkwardly, we bid our goodbyes and I never knew your name. I just know you were someone my age and that we went to the same school in college, just different campuses. In that moment, I didn’t mind because that’s all I needed to know but now I am silently hoping to meet you again one day. I want to thank you for that time. I found comfort in you I only find in my friends. I went home with a peace of mind, a light heart and a body high with sugar and caffeine.

Whoever you are, it was so nice meeting you! Maybe you’ve heard this a lot from your friends but let me just tell you that your eyes are so beautiful especially when it disappears everytime you grin and smile. =)

Merci. Jusqu’à ce que nous nous reverrons,



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