♬ Paint The Town Green

 Temple of Leah ~ Canso X ~ West 35

Started off the year with these awesome people. So lucky to have this crazy bunch! I don’t know how dull my life would be without them.

Me and my bestfriend decided to go to Temple of Leah on Saturday and though it was not quite finished, you can see what they wanted to do with the establishment and I can’t wait to go back soon and see this project fully come to life, I’m sure it would be one of the spots Cebu visitors would want to see. We were so lucky we got the chance to go to the rooftop (top center photo) and have a look at how beautiful the city is below and hey, we saw that Louvre replica ;). It was a tiring day since we spent almost the entire afternoon there but it didn’t stop me from going with my other friends to Balamban, Cebu later that day. We went to Canso X and West 35 on Sunday and even if it’s far and let’s say not very accessible but it’s totally worth it. The cold wind, fresh air and nature’s pure bliss are so refreshing!

It is good to spend some quality and relaxing time with your friends away from the city and toxic work loads. Lol. This just makes me more excited on what this year has in stored for me and more importantly with these people.

Go visit and I hope you’ll love these places as much as we did.



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