♬ Forever and …always

I want to dedicate this post to Alan Rickman who passed away recently as a way of thanking him for bringing one of my favorite fictional character from HP Series to life.

For those who finished the series, they definitely know Severus’ side of the story. Snivelly is one person I’ve never expected to learn so much about love from. I even remember re-reading that particular chapter about him being the Halfblood Prince and the things he did which we thought was him being this bad guy but turned out that he was a double agent and he risked so much from the beginning because of his love for Lily. There were those moments where I spaz and my thoughts are all over the place because, really, Snape, whyyyy!? Why are you so selfless? Her love for Lily was immeasurable! And that was the main factor on why he did what he did from the start just to protect her only son. I hear some people say that he doesn’t deserve my pity but no, I just don’t pity him but I love how far he’d go for love. From him I realize that it’s okay to love even if that feeling won’t be reciprocated, that love can make you super brave and that it’s really worth fighting for. It hurts to see him living a kind of lonely life, being bullied when he was a boy but being a double agent between Dumbledore and Voldemort that no one else in the books can pull off, now that’s something I’d give him credit for. He’s flawed and a terrible teacher, that I couldn’t agree more!

So yes, RIP Alan Rickman and thank you.

“After all this time?”



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