♬ It’s Not Right For You

Complication. The word that I dread the most. There are really things you will never ever do because your parents had instilled in your brain while growing up that it’s wrong and you know it yourself as well. And suddenly you were put in that situation unintentionally. It is easy to fall in love, yes. Especially when you get to see that person everyday. But the hard thing to accept is the fact that you started your relationship with a lie. I believe so. I had the best 3 months in a long time already and that’s because of you. I’m strong but I think I had enough already. Fix whatever you wanted to fix with whoever. Next time, if there will be, I prefer you to have a clean slate. I told you everything I wanted to say and I wanted so bad to believe the response you gave. If we meet again and make things work out, then we’ll see. But if this is the only time given to us then I hope one day I could thank God this happened because now, all I could do is ask why. Until then…


Thoughts? :)

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