Clockwork Princess US Cover

The Infernal Devices by Cassandra Clare

Clockwork Angel US CoverClockwork Pince US CoverClockwork Prince US Cover

While reading these books, I can’t help but compare them to The Mortal Instruments series which is its sequel series but afterward, to date, the answer is crystal clear.

This takes place in Victorian London at the London Shadowhunter Institute. Here we’ll follow Tessa Gray which later on discovers she’s not just an ordinary Yankee girl but there is this other world which she belonged to, the Shadow world. We’ll immediately know that she has superpowers but not quite sure what she is entirely. For a long time after Harry Potter, I now have something I can actually claim as a top favorite series.

If you’re following the TMI Series, you’d get more excited reading this because here, you’ll be introduced with a new generation of Shadowhunters. The character introductions were perfect that you can’t get enough of them. There are quite a few plot twists in The Clockwork Angel already that I didn’t see coming and seeing how this book brings you back to the old era is such a wonderful start of the series. From time to time, I got confused but everything made sense later on.

Clockwork Prince started where book one literally leaves off. A lot of character developments and I can’t help but adore how the characters in the London Institute care about each other so much that they’d die for each other. I realize how inhumanely evil the villain here was which actually made the book more interesting. Clockwork Prince gives us the perfect picture of how beautiful London Institute was during their time.

Lastly, Clockwork Princess. I don’t know how to describe this book because the moment I flipped the last page, I know that it was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever read. The plot twists, the answers to my questions and just everything about this book was perfect. There are a lot of revelations that connects to The Mortal Instruments series and I don’t know if I’ll cry or actually laugh at how this book was impeccably planned out from the beginning. Every character has their time in the books, no one was ever left behind and they all have vital roles in the series, or in the Shadowhunter Chronicles rather.

Will Herondale, I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love him to be honest. Black hair, blue eyes and Herondale sarcasm? Totally drool-able.  He’s emo most of the times but I know everyone loves him anyway. Tessa, who’s witty and charming when she wanted to and yet so brave. And then there’s James Carstairs, the most beautiful thing that has ever happened on this planet. Charlotte, Henry, Magnus, Camille and Jessamine will make you love these books even more.

Theirs was an extraordinary love story which for me, the best love story I have ever read to date. The characters love each other equally that it’s so heartbreaking at the same just perfect. This trilogy couldn’t end in any other way. This could be a stand alone series but where’s the fun in that? If you’ve read TMI, then you MUST read this series and get lost in the Shadowhunter world once more.


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