The Sorting Hat is now back on Pottermore after it’s hiatus (ü) and I was so excited to take the quiz and see if I’m still a Gryffindor. I completed the HP Photo Challenge last December and one entry was “House You Wanted To Be In”. I only took the Sorting Hat quiz once before and that was what 3 or 4 years ago?

I know it’s kind of overrated or too mainstream but whatever! If I were given a chance to choose a house, it would be Gryffindor. There are a lot of reasons but on top of it, I can’t see myself being under the 3 other houses for the rest of my life. One thing that I need to point out first is that I don’t believe that when you’re a Gryffindor, you’re automatically good same goes as when you’re a Slytherin, you’re automatically bad. This house may tend to be the house of heroes, curse-breakers and have the most and best-developed characters at Hogwarts but it needs more than just courage or intelligence to stay in this house. And guess what, Gryffindor has a gorgeous common room and I love its sigil! Anyway, I am not just jumping on the bandwagon for choosing this House but it’s more than that.

Yes, As you may have guessed those were the things that I said on my entry. I am not taking it all back tho but I just want to clarify this most of all to myself. haha

As mentioned above, I took the quiz again and to my surprise, I was sorted into a different house this time and not just any other house but maybe what I consider as opposite to Gryffindor (no, not really). I thought there might be something wrong with the quiz (as if that’s possible) or my preferences may have changed so I took it again and again and again for like five times on different days and yes, I am a SLYTHERIN.

 Yepp, you see that right! This got me thinking and I didn’t realize I was totally in denial ever since until my sister told me that I was always a Slytherin, it’s just that I wanted to be a Gryffindor (does that makes sense?).

Potions, hawthorn wood with a unicorn hair, ten inches long and reasonably springy (I know right? Yep that’s Draco and mine’s wand), Severus Snape, Green team since grade school. I mean how could I be so blind thinking I was a Gryffindor all along when I was a Slytherin through and through. I am starting to embrace this fact now  and I am loving it to be honest. I could feel Daddy Harry saying that there’s nothing that I have to worry about this time because I am in the same house with one of the Headmasters at Hogwarts and the bravest man he ever knew.

Slytherin, through and through…


Thoughts? :)

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